Friday 27 June 2014

Vincent Price

 Acrylic paint on  watercolour card - 41.5cm x 29.5cm

"...The midnight hour is close at hand", heh, heh! Been away from the paints too long so I've had good fun (for the most part) wacking down some real colours to try and capture the great face of Vincent Price - who's looking suitably horrified at the impudence of this caricature artist. The reference image was quite low-res - without any discernable fine details - and so forced me to keep the brush marks real loose.Close up, the result is pretty impressionistic but that's no bad thing.


Above are some progress shots - 'pologies about the bad quality; they were lit only by one angel-poise lamp - but it gives an idea of how it built up. Some details changed, like the bow tie, but I kept pretty faithful to the original sketch with this one. And yes, his 'tache really was that wonky.

Above is the original sketch, done digitally with Sketchbook Pro.


  1. Great! Do you work on a light table?

  2. Thanks-- I do a lot of painting with caricature as well-- still haven't found the "perfect" method of painting (acrylics or other opaque medium) over a drawing without loosing the likeness!

    1. Recommend perservering with acrylics as you can keep reworking it til you're happy.