Thursday 23 February 2017

Jaco Pastorius

The bassist's bassist and musical outlier, Jaco Pastorius; showing off his bendy thumb.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Kellyanne Conway

For facts sake—here's Kellyanne Conway! Remember folks; alternative faces are never lies—and that's the truth!

Tools: Sketchbook Pro + Photoshop. Click on image for larger view.

Thursday 9 February 2017

Samuel L Jackson (as Jules Winnfield)

Watched Pulp Fiction again recently for the first time since it came out and realised what great characters for caricature Jules and Vince were. Then realised I had never drawn either; so here's Samuel L Jackson as Jules. John Travolta as Vince to some point.

Click on image for clearer view. Tools: Sketchbook Pro + Photoshop

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Dave Grohl: in colour

Had good fun doing this, though it's not best served by the final artwork being scanned rather than photographed (need a new camera as I can't get the focus to work properly). Next painting!

Tools: Markers, acrylics and pencils on A4 paper.

Thursday 2 February 2017

John Hurt: Stage 1

I called this post 'Stage 1' as I'd like to develop it at some point to a more involved piece but at present I'm not sure which way to go. Maybe a black and white hatched drawing or a highly rendered colour version—not sure. Going to sit on it for now...

Tools: Sketchbook Pro