Tuesday 16 July 2013

Underbite from the underworld...

Acrylic paint on A4 200gsm Goldline watercolour paper

Agh, but it's been a while. This has been my longest gap between posts, ever - but it's not through idleness, faithful visitor. Just very very busy with the day job - which tends to spill over into the 'evening job'...
I've managed to grab a bit of time here and there just for painting and drawing some fun stuff that doesn't involve too much brain power - which is how I like to relax. So it's another look-in for the undead!

I've been enjoying painting a lot recently. Digital is bloody marvellous but if the computer's not behaving then it becomes a hideous experience. I've got a lot of that at the moment, so I've mainly eschewed the virtual and found refuge in the actual - you just can't beat the real thing. When was the last time your paint brush gave you an error message or found that your tubes of paint had crashed? Exactly.

That being said, I should be on for a cool digital vector commission soon (which is rare) and if all goes to plan I'll post it here.

Anyway, back to this post's paint job: coupla progress shots here: