Wednesday 18 July 2012


What do you get if you cross a flexible panda with a mutant? Answer: Po'verine, of course. Just my little cross-character pollination silliness. I was surprised how much I liked Kung Fu Panda. Great set designs, environments and animation - very inspiring.

...and not leaving it there, I had to go and and make a little logo for him.


The thin white duke in full ghoulish glory. Shame he went and got his teeth fixed. He'll keep getting drawn by me, I'm sure, as I've never quite nailed him as I'd like...

Old-Style Future Frontiersmen

Some crazy coots I drew a couple of months back as a bit of a fun exercise. Var-mint!

Saturday 7 July 2012

Miles of Jazz...

Due to other important non-art based distractions, it's been a long time since any posts. While I get round to finding time to remedy this, you may want to read a little online interview I had with Jeffrey Hyatt who writes and curates a Blog/site dedicated to Miles Davis. As well as Jeff's knowledgeable and comprehensive input, his site is a great resource for interviews with writers, musicians, artists and others, all linked to Miles Davis in some way. So if you're interested in Miles, Jazz or just want to find out a little about the caricature of Miles Davis I recently drew then take a look here. Some answers I've given before elsewhere on the web but I'm hoping it still makes for a good read...