Monday 22 October 2012

Scrappin' it - Mean & Fear

Just some scraps for this post, faithful visitor. I'm having computer meltdowns at the moment and new gear is in order. Transitions are always painful and time consuming, so having nothing better to show, I've gone back through the virtual sketchpad and sifted through the many doodles, trials and experiments I'm always scratching away at. Most of them don't see the daylight as they're usually unfinished, lame or dead in the water, etc. But sometimes a judicial crop here and a bit of text there can inject a bit of life. So in the absence of anything more note-worthy here are some perennial fan-art faves from the greatest comic in the universe: Judge Fear and Mean Machine Angel (again).

Saturday 13 October 2012

Autumnal Joe

Time for another Dredd. Another experimental piece - though not immediately obvious - so not imperative to have everything absolutely cock-on, finish-wise. Just running some tests on certain techniques and time needed to execute them; all to see whether the whole process is worthwhile. I love this kind of finish but the process can be a drag. Which is a real pain if you're doing a lot of stuff with it.
 Anyways - when it comes to the uniform, I've always preferred the big flared lid. Don't know where I saw it first but that's how I prefer to draw it...

Thursday 11 October 2012

Tweetin' ma lines...Rusty Cooker style

After holding off for a dang long while I've re-activated my twitter account as I found it was the only way I could communicate with certain people who weren't active elsewhere. So if you're not a regular blog-checker yourself but are just plain silly about twitter and you want to be informed if a new morsel of art has been loosed upon the virtual world then sign up here - you'll now be welcomed with open wings. I hereby promise no meditations on what I've had for breakfast...

Artists & Illustrators: create your profile...

Just a quick heads-up for all you who are looking for further online sites to promote yourselves and your artwork. The online magazine site called 'Artists & Illustrators' is offering free profiles, albeit with the limitation of only three pieces of work and no opportunity to sell originals. You can improve your lot with them by paying a smallish sum where you can have unlimited uploads, sell your originals and write your own blog, all for the sum of £2.49 per month or £24.99 per annum. To find out more, click this link which'll take you to the relevant page. Your first thought is probably 'why pay for a premium profile  when I can get those services for free elsewhere?' and it's a fair question. A&I obviously feel they have a greater reach than your average free site so I can only suggest creating a free, limited profile with them to start with and then try the paid version for a few months for the purposes of selling your originals. If after that it doesn't pay then quit it. See ya there and good luck!

Ya Missed The Hutch!

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Wednesday 10 October 2012