Thursday 26 August 2021

Jean-Jacques Burnel Caricature

Boogie! Caricature of Stranglers’ bass boss, Jean-Jacques Burnel.

Tools: Sketchbook Pro


Ian Dury Caricature


Partial to your abracadabra: head Blockhead, Ian Dury. Having fun with these greyscales…

#iandury #ianduryandtheblockheads #kilburnandthehighroads #whatawaste #spasticusautisticus #newbootsandpanties 

Tools: Sketchbook Pro.

Thursday 5 August 2021

Caricature of John F Kennedy


Caricature of sixties US President, JFK, John F Kennedy. Tried to give it a bit of a Super 8 type feel. Always love doing versions of the stars and stripes.

Caricature Tools: Sketchbook Pro + Affinity Photo