Wednesday 15 May 2013

ISCA Korea Competition Entries

 Yoo Jae Suk

Park Won Soon

Above are my two entries for this year's ISCA competition to be held in Seoul, South Korea. Bit of a fandango trying to get them uploaded - the website wouldn't let me upload initially - but I just managed it yesterday, which was the deadline. So, I'm afraid you're too late if you were thinking of having a crack yourself. Although there was an option to choose from among a hundred faces - some international stars, others South Korean luminaries - I thought I'd go for 'local' faces as it seemed more interesting to me. 'Was fun doing some research into the various subjects to see who would be good to caricature; not only image searching them, but also watching Youtube vids to get a feel for the character. Always intriguing to see how other countries interpret concepts such as reality shows and talk shows for television, and how humour is appreciated and in what style it's delivered. An education.