Sunday 16 May 2010

John Terry

Cintiq+ Photoshop

More Soccer: 'Been doing a lot of colour work and most of it's being done in vector and it's taking a while, so needing a rest and wanting a quick result I thought a drawing was in order.

The result is the current soccer captain of Chelsea FC.


  1. Awesome JT man!
    I'm a 15 year old caricaturiest and I would love for you to look at and follow my blog:
    Feel free to comment, Thanks:)

  2. you have captured captain marvel.....brilliantly russ keep up the good work.....anymore CHELSEA players please....?all the best ..tezza.

  3. Fantastic Bro! However, I think he should have been looking shiftily to his left, not right. After all, that's where Wayne Bridge would be!

  4. Amazing in all departments :-)

  5. Ha, Ha, Steve-O! I wasn't going to alude to his 'playing away from home' etc, etc. But now I've gawn an' dunnit!

  6. That's a cracker Russ - the sleezy look and the baggy eyes !
    Top work ..........