Thursday, 13 March 2014

Get Sketchin' with Sketchbook Pro - now as an App!

As regular visitors to this blog may already know, I'm a big fan of the illustration and drawing software 'Sketchbook Pro' which is created by Autodesk. For the last couple of years all my black and white caricatures have been drawn with it and all my colour ones have been roughed out with it. Sketchbook Pro has the most intuitive graphite pencil and ink pen effect that I've discovered so far and (unless it's specifically called for) has replaced old school pencil and paper in my drawing and design work. When used with my Cintiq it combines to make a killer combination. It's very reasonably priced, making a professional package affordable for amateur and professional alike.
I had an email recently from the nice people at Autodesk who'd picked up that I'd mentioned SBP in my posts and asked if I could mention a new web page of theirs covering all their creative design apps, which include many funky products for your smart gadgets - all to create cool designs and fx. I'm more than happy to mention companies that produce great products that have helped me in what I love to do, so, if you're into this kinda tech, and you want to know more, then hit this link which will take you to their apps page. Keep creatin'!

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