Sunday, 14 April 2013


Created in Photoshop - reproduced on stretched canvas

I love all forms of 2d art/illustration and abstract art is no exception. I often manufacture abstract elements into whatever I'm working on even if the final effect's not immediately obvious. Shown above is a landscape (top) that I created recently along with a photo (below) showing a hanging reproduction.

I also like pushing horizon lines way up (or sometimes down) so that an expanded area of sky/earth is shown. I first noticed this approach a long time ago with the landscapes of Gustav Klimt - and it's influenced me ever since. His landscapes are almost totally abstract but are still obvious as to what they are depicting. Check out his 'Farmhouse with Birch Trees' or 'The Park' for examples of extreme horizons...


  1. Good stuff Russ. Can I ask what size/resolution you work in if you're expecting to do a canvas print like this?

    1. Most full colour printing requires 300dpi for pinpoint sharpness, though you can probably print at 150dpi and still be OK-ish as long as height x width of doc is at real size (e.g. approx 2' x 2' for above image). All canvas printers will stipulate what size you should supply them with so work large as you can always scale down for printing - never the other way round...