Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Process of Jordan

(Acrylic on canvas board)

Am doing a bit of old school painting...yeah, with real paints! - remember those? Two reasons: one; because real paints rock, and two; I'm only just coming out of a serious slump of technical issues with hardware and software. Aaaaaargh!
However, the above process of paintings is not recent, but was completed a while ago for my sister-in-law, as a memento of a departed pet. Painting pet pooches or pussy-cats is always to stray into a dangerous arena. I'm thinking of those kitsch pet portraits you can see propped up in a garage sale which only serves to remind you how a rash idea can turn into an offense against humanity... and somehow one that is more easily made than when painting human portraits or landscapes. I hope I've managed to avoid that crime here, but maybe it can't ever be totally avoided. Perhaps the transgression's already made with the choice of the subject matter, before one's painted the initial stroke...ach, move on!


  1. Looks great, love the angle and under-painting coming through, i am sure she was very pleased with the result. Sorry to here about your Hardware/software issues, but hope you are back up to speed soon. Best Wishes.

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  3. The original still has pride of place on the mantelpiece (alongside Riley of course!). I think Hero has to be next, n'est pas?

    1. Weeeeeell...May month will soon be here. Better dig out some photos that don't suggest cheese.