Monday, 5 September 2011

Commissions - B&W stages...

Thought I'd post some recent commission work at line art stage. If you're a fan of comic work then you'll know that black white line art has as much power, perhaps even more, than full colour work. I try and get a snap of the b&w stage when doing colour work as I really like it ... and in some cases wish I could stop it there.
FYI: The artwork can been seen fixed to a light box where a print out of the rough stage sits sandwiched between the two.


  1. Man, nice one process, sometimes when I will do some in vectorial, I work a lot on lines, in final process brings a good and beauty art. I used to use a large outside and a thin to inside lines. Almost the same process, congrats, congrats.

    hugs from Ilustraguga!

  2. Hey Russ, awesome work as always. The 'Liverpool Legends' piece is superb!

  3. Jeez you're good Russ - top work.
    Love those collages

  4. Very kind of yer, Tel - regards!