Sunday, 3 January 2016

Rush & Belushi Commissions

Geoffrey Rush
(as Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean)

Progress pic

John Belushi

First: Happy New Year!

Looking forward to getting some more great faces caught this year - in some format or other. Last year was my quietest year, caricature-wise, thought it wasn't through idleness: just had more non-caricature artwork going on elsewhere.

So, I'm kicking off with a post showing a couple of commissions that were completed at the end of 2015. Both were pencil and paper.

For those interested; I used a Rotring Tikky machine pencil with a 1.0 HB lead (could probably have gone a bit softer/darker) on 220 gsm cartridge paper.  I cleaned up the final images in Photoshop as pencil scans can look a bit messy, but the progress pic of Rush is a good indicator of how they finally turned out..

They were fun to do - hope you like.

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