Tuesday 7 July 2009

New Site!

At last!- the new website is here. It's taken longer than expected, especially with all the technical gremlins that made the operation so much more hair-tuggingly frustrating. For all you guys with 2MB of broadband or less it may take a few seconds to load - it's so image heavy that it has to do a bit of building. However, in return for a little patience you should be rewarded with a fully functioning site that looks half-way pretty. Let me know your comments - especially if there are improvements you feel could be made or horrendous and embarrassing solecisms to correct. Have a spy now at: http://www.russcook.co.uk/ and cheers for checkin' in.
Addendum: Had to make some amendments to this post. Borne out of pure relief that a technical problem had finally been sorted out, the original post had the self aggrandising feel of something akin to the second coming. I hope I've put that straight. -Russ