Friday 16 December 2022

Caravaggio Caricature


Digital caricature portrait of the artist, Caravaggio, by Russ Cook

Caravaggio! This crazy Italian's art swiftly became a favourite study in my schoolboy art history lessons: all those marvellous eye-popping canvases lighting his subjects as though a spotlight had been flicked on in a pitch dark room. He also confirmed in my mind that painters weren't necessarily wilting petals who baulked at real work and drooped under a light rain shower. When not mixing paints he was mixing it with the locals and took things too far having to split Milan because of a murder charge. It would seem as much paper was given over to his rap sheet as was for his preparatory sketches—you wouldn't want to stiff him over a commission. As he didn't post many selfies I referenced his painted portraits, checked out actors who have played him on film but mainly took a whole bunch of liberties to come up with something I really hope he looked like.

Tools: Sketchbook Pro + Affinity Photo

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