Saturday 17 January 2015

Mick Jagger

 Sketchbook Pro + Cintiq

Marvellous Mick! This was a pleasure to create as it was a bit of a leap forward in experimenting with using software in a different way to improve ease of application as well as increase the speed of execution. In the past, a caricature like this would have been created by me entirely in Photoshop, but this one was created almost entirely in Sketchbook Pro (with only a bit of touching up in the background with PS). SBP has a very intuitive layout for adjusting palette colours as one works. When combined with ease of tool adjustment it makes for a very speedy process. I'll be carrying on trying to hone the process in order to gain faster and more pleasing results.

The image is based on an old acylic painting I had knocking about which was never completed as it didn't seem to be working. So, not exactly a 'finishing-off' of a languishing work (like my recent vector-based Slash portrait) but I'm glad I managed to complete the image, albeit in another format...


  1. Great Job Russ, Have you ever posted the old acylic painting mentioned above? Would like to see the two.

    1. Many thanks, Fitz. No I haven't posted it - it's still half-finished. But If I do complete it then it will certainly get uploaded here.

  2. Fair enough Russ! Keep Scribblin'