Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ya Missed The Hutch!

My little tribute to the much subscribed YouTube gaming phenomenon that is Shaun Hutchinson, aka: Hutch. I'm not a big gamer but when I do pick up a controller it's nearly always to play a FPS which is usually one of the COD series. Somehow about a year ago I stumbled on this guy's vids and found his 10 minute creations a great way to be distracted and entertained.

Hutch was around at the beginning of the craze of posting first-person shooter gameplay onto YouTube - mainly Call of Duty - with live and post-dubbed commentary to quickly acquire a large following. His vids amply showcased his prodigious gaming skills but were made superior to his fellow gamers' uploads by his great commentary which were shot through with intelligence, humour and well-positioned silliness. After a short and well publicised break from the internet he's back posting gameplay, but this time also uploading vlogs for the purpose of helping many of his subscribers with their personal issues, by giving advice all drawn from Hutch's own experiences. The topics he covers are suggested by his subscribers and due to his fans being mainly of the young adult demographic the subjects he covers typically reflect this. His advice ranges on everything from depression, addiction, online copyright and excessive fapping (yeah, I had to look that one up too).

The fact that he's got over half a million YT subscribers is all testament to the above. So, being one of the good guys he gets 'cooked'.

Btw: If you're a gamer who is fed up with trawling the offensive and the moronic (when it comes to online gameplay) then check out Hutch's channel by clicking here and hopefully you'll find an enjoyable alternative...

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