Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christopher Hitchens

Had to break off from my current work to acknowledge, in virtual graphite, the death of Christopher Hitchens. I first read his writing back in 2006 when my brother and my American sister-in-law visited from the States bringing with them, and leaving behind, a copy of the American magazine 'Details'. There was an article written within, taken from Christopher Hitchens' book 'Letters to a Young Contrarian', which was set out as a top ten of 'advice' for free-thinkers and aspiring writers. It all resonated deeply and I've been a fan ever since. Now sadly he has died far too soon from esophageal cancer, but not without writing and talking on it right up to the end. I can't really think of anyone living who can step into his shoes.
I've sketched him many times although I've never uploaded any drawings - but now is the time.
Jerry Falwell - matchbox - enema! (you look it up). Thank you, Christopher!


  1. Nice post Russ, great sketch too :)

  2. Many thanks, Neil. He made a big impression on me. Not many have.

  3. wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year russ , Keep up the great work that you do's to many more fantastic pics in 2012 wishes
    tez .