Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Billy Joel - (canvas commission prep)

Another worked up prep for the big bad canvas. It's come out a bit straight for me; more like a portrait; so I may re-draw for the final piece. However, I quite liked certain parts of it so it was saved from the trash for a post.
Love drawing hair but salt and pepper stubble is a nightmare to try and get right. Never drawn a greying short beard I've been happy with. So; plenty of summits still to reach.


  1. hi russ if this is the quality of this BIG canvas it is gonna be absolutely fantastic keep up the great work ..all the best and waiting in anticipation for the rest ..tez .

  2. Thanks, Tez! Well, I've worked it up a bit for the post and it will look different in paint but I'm hoping it'll still look knock-out.