Sunday 6 June 2010

Lobo, Mean Machine Angel and er... Jon Stewart?

Who'd win in a face-off between the last Czarnian and the shy and retiring one from the Angel Gang?
I'm guessing it would be a pretty close run thing but Lobo would just take the day as Mean would inevitably get his dial stuck for comic effect and go butt-frenzy, hamstringing his own efforts.
I was a big fan of 2000AD growing up (amongst other publications) and fancied re-visiting some old character fav's. So here're a couple of bad, bad boys.

Jon Stewart
Wacom Cintiq + Photoshop


  1. Great stuff as per usual. I actually JUST posted a Jon Stewart a few days ago thinking, hey, why doesn't anyone draw Jon Stewart?

  2. Ha! Thanks, Matt - 'Great minds...' and all that!

  3. i totally love both characters, but lobo is supposed to be at superman's level, so i think meany boy's gonna get spanked hard.