Thursday, 15 April 2010

Find - That - Face!

Just added this cool little gadget to the site so that if any of youse is curious as to whether I've etched some dood or doll in the past then you can rifle through my musty ol' library by entering in the desired name and hitting return. It's also handy for me if I wanna quick reference something I've posted. Trouble is; when I tested it I couldn't figure out why some links worked and others didn't , after all, for each caricature I label the post with the subject's name. I soon realised that the search tool only picks up on text that is entered within the actual blog entry. So if I persist in this then I've got to go back through every entry and enter the name somewhere in the blurb!  Oooof!

Bear with me...

Latest: I'm now thinking that I'll be saved all the extra work of having to insert names in past posts as It seems that the gadget searches the blog titles as well. At least, that's what I'm reckoning at the moment. Most of my titles already include the name - so I think I'm saved from the devil's own job.

Just let me know if you're trying it and it aint working for you and I'll get rid of the damn thing.

I dunno - all this could confuse a stupid person...

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