Saturday, 7 March 2009

Harriet Harman

This took a few attempts. I almost gave up on this version but having walked away and then come back to it, realised that there was something in it worth saving. Always the best course of action if you're not sure and you need to get a clear idea - and also true of any creative process.
I know it's true of making music and I'm sure it's true of the writing process (although this is set apart in the fact that the impression can never be 'instant' in quite the same way.)
Somehow the part of the mind that understands and sees clearly that which is being created can get confused or desensitized to the constant information being received by the senses and the brain seems to get a false concept of what's being built. Take a short break away, come back, and honestly consider the very first impression that you perceive and the perception will be 100% correct.

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