Monday, 25 January 2010

Sneeky-Peek Johnny Cash

Er, can I take back my new year's resolution?! It's been slow for the old caricatures round here as paying work has been taking my attention but I've managed to grab an hour here and there to plug away at Ol' JC; so I thought I'd show a little bit of some of the detail.
I'm having good fun working out some of the available (but unknown) fx that have been buried in my software, and I spent a lot of yesterday just experimenting with brushes and filters which I'll no doubt be using in the final stages. Stay tooned!


  1. Hey Russ, Just been through your Blog and Website, Absolute to work fellah. Looking forward to seeing more. C.

  2. Its looking good Russ...what software do you use?

  3. Cheers, John; CS2 Illustrator for line and colour work and a touch of photoshop for fx.