Saturday, 2 February 2013

Must Watch! Artists' Advice - From Stephen Silver

Are you a creative who earns money from your work or, perhaps more relevantly, a young artist just starting out in the commercial world? Then check out the above vid (some mild language - but nothing that'll make your ears burn off).
Stephen Silver tells you why he thinks you shouldn't waste your hard-learned skills with free hand-outs for an empty promise. I think he's nailed it - do you agree? Let me know in a comment...


  1. I was told that if I didn't value my work then no one else would.
    I think it's good advice from Mr Silver, I produce art work for a local print studio and they don't produce work for free so why should I be expected to! Having said that, I was worried that I'd never get any offers of work as soon as I put a price on it...

    1. It's hard not to take a 'no-sale' personally - but you've gotta stick to your guns...

  2. the same applies to all areas, after more than 45 years in business I can tell you that I had the same BS with Marketing, consulting, lecturing- it happens when you are on vacation, in a party in a restaurant - "it will only take you a second" - A friend of mine (a lawyer) started sending invoices to these people and it stopped.