Thursday, 11 October 2012

Artists & Illustrators: create your profile...

Just a quick heads-up for all you who are looking for further online sites to promote yourselves and your artwork. The online magazine site called 'Artists & Illustrators' is offering free profiles, albeit with the limitation of only three pieces of work and no opportunity to sell originals. You can improve your lot with them by paying a smallish sum where you can have unlimited uploads, sell your originals and write your own blog, all for the sum of £2.49 per month or £24.99 per annum. To find out more, click this link which'll take you to the relevant page. Your first thought is probably 'why pay for a premium profile  when I can get those services for free elsewhere?' and it's a fair question. A&I obviously feel they have a greater reach than your average free site so I can only suggest creating a free, limited profile with them to start with and then try the paid version for a few months for the purposes of selling your originals. If after that it doesn't pay then quit it. See ya there and good luck!

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