Thursday, 1 March 2012


I wouldn't set too much store by this, ha, ha, ha! It's veeeeeery late and, often as not, the last thing I can find myself doing is mucking around in photoshop, trying different fx and whatnot. So this is just one addled example involving some illo's that normally look quite different to this. I love photoshop.


  1. Looks very stylish! Do you use PS for your linework? I have seen Chris Wahl use brushes to great effect for his line work, do you use brushes? I'm asking because i am trying to improve my lines at the mo..

    1. Thanks for the comment, Scott. My line work varies. For very sharp lines and a flat clean effect it has been illustrator but for b&w 'pencil' sketches it's PS. I do use brushes for various effects - often make my own - it's easy enough.
      The above image was originally a vector based image that was put through filters in PS. Not how I normally go about things.

  2. Thanks, Russ. I have dabbled in the dark art of PS custom brush making but i like the look of vector work, not sure how difficult it is to use Illustrator properly.