Sunday, 7 February 2010

J.D. Salinger - Digi Paint

OK so I've been a little side-tracked as I was inspired to muck around with some brushes in photoshop and see if I couldn't work up something from the pencil sketch I did last post. It's all mouse work and I can't help thinking it would have been done faster and easier with a tablet. If anybody's got any experience of a Wacom Cintiq and they want to take the time to email/comment me on their experiences (good and bad) then I'd really appreciate it. I've been thinking of getting one for a while; mainly for my day job, but I would certainly incorporate it into caricature if I ended up with one.
Anyway, better get back to a neglected (but very vector rendered) Mr Cash while I chew over this one.


  1. that's pretty spectacular!

    really great textural feel

  2. man that's such a great piece, but with a mouse?? Insane!! Great stuff

  3. oh and you really can't go wrong with a cintiq. It's expensive and bulky, but they're really the only negatives I can think of!

  4. Many thanks for the tablet advice, Nori!

  5. Great one Russ.
    About experience on mouse / tablet :
    I remember that I made a caricature of 50cent last year, in a period I had'nt got a tablet anymore.
    It was long ! Very long !
    And this work is tipically easier, for the same result, with a tablet. (you don't need an expensive one)
    For your vector style, the tablet is not interesting in my opinion. But for this result, it is.
    There's one "danger" with a tablet : it's so "easy" that sometimes you can make a "photographic picture" instead of a real illustration.

  6. Thanks for the comment and advice Jean-marc! Interesting point about the 'photographic' danger...

  7. dude, I love your style. It's so angular and clean, yet loose. Damn son.

  8. cheers buddy.

    You're not missin' anything over at my blog. Someone ratted me out for havin' lifedrawin' boobies on my blog a long time ago. Haven't been able to shake it since.

    Keep comin' around though and maybe you'll catch a glimpse of some goodies.

  9. Fucking Exceptional!

    My experience with Wacom tablets is that painting is extremely faster and more intuitive than a mouse. I use a cheap bamboo and I love it!

    I would still use a mouse for Vector, just more efficient to create points at exact locations with a mouse. Again great stuff!

  10. Many thanks, Jberd; your advice is duly noted!

  11. Hi Russ, I can't believe that you did this with a mouse only. How long did it take? I have no experience with a Cintiq (too expensive) but I wouldn't want to miss my Intuos 3 tablet. You can produce vector illustrations with a mouse (and I enjoy your vector illustrations very much), but for anything else, you really need a tablet. And the danger of overdoing and sliding towards a photographic illustration is nothing related with the tablet. You can't blame the tool :o) Best regards from Germany

  12. Hi Mile. Thanks for the comment. It took me about six or seven hours over three or four sessions - but that's a bit of a guess. I'm hoping I can cut the time right down with a tablet and reduce the aches in the mouse-hand.